Customer Testimonials

  • "We always rely on Systel for quality & timely delivery of retrofits which are as good as OEM"
    Govardhana Reddy,
    Joint Managing Director,
    M/s Kallam Group of Spinning Mills,
    Guntur, India.

Did You Know

  • A 1/4 inch air leak @ 7 bar pressure over a one year three shift operation will cost over Rs 4,80, 000 per year in energy @ Rs 4.21/KWH.
  • A 100 HP air compressor can produce 115 litres of condensate per 24-hour period.
  • A 0.7 bar pressure loss in a system will require 5% increase in energy to compensate.
  • A 50HP Air Compressor operating three shifts consumes Rs 11.54 Lakhs, a 100 H.P. Consumes Rs 23 Lakhs and a 150HP consumes Rs 35 Lakhs in Electricity per year
  • A poorly Maintained Compressed Air System can consume as much as 15% more in energy to operate.

Compressed Air Management Program

High Energy Prices, Rising Cost Pressures and Increasing Climate Change Awareness are making Energy Efficiency into a Core Issue for Companies. Compressed Air is a Very Expensive Utility. Most Compressed Air Systems have a Loss rate between 40 and 50%. In a system that produces 1500 cubic feet (CFM) per minute with a 40% Wastages rate, the annual cost of wastages is Rs 90,72,000 or Rs 7,56,000 per month based on Rs 1.75 per CFM. Wastages cost money every second, minute and hour of the year. Hence Effective Compressed Air Management is becoming a vital service for energy savings.

Systel Group has been Pioneer's In India, in offering Comprehensive Solutions for Compressed Air Management for Over 13 Years. With over 685 Successfully Implemented Projects, Systel helps Indian Industries in Reducing Close to 19 Million kwH of Energy Annually. With our Structured Approach of Measure - Address - Control - Automate we can help you in Generating Huge Revenues from your Compressed Air System while ensuring Consistent Productivity.


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