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In these Modern Days of Low Cost Electronic Instrumentation many new ways to measure flow have been developed. The Most Popular of these is the Thermal Mass Flow Meter. The Meter works using Two Temperature Sensors, One Heated and the Other Static. Mass Flow is proportional to the amount of power required to keep a Constant Temperature Difference between these sensors in a flow of gas. The Thermal mass Flow Meters are inserted into a Pressurized Compressed Air Line using a number of Mounting Strategies. The result is an Accurate Signal Output that is not affected by Changes in Air Pressure.

SUTO-iTEC GmbH is the Global Leader in Measurement Technology With a Complete Range of High Precision Products for Measuring Your Flow / Consumption, Dew Point and Particle Counting. Unique in the industry, SUTO-iTEC leads the way in R&D by enlisting the best of the best from the huge high tech talent pool in Europe & Asia. By such forward thinking SUTO-iTEC stays on the vanguard of companies that are joining Asia in its meteoric rise to technological superiority. Our Product Range Includes


The SUTO flow sensors S 450 / 452 / 420 / 400 are based on the thermal mass flow principle. It measure volumetric standard flow over a wide measuring range. The result is pressure and temperature independent.

The S 4xx Range of Flow Sensors are designed specifically for harsh environments. The NEMA 4X enclosure with IP67 allows all-weather applications, All parts which come into contact with the measurement medium are made of stainless steel 316L. This allows applications in pharmaceutical and food industry, but also the measurement of corrosive and contaminated gas. Installations in explosive environment can be done through the optional ATEX approval. Various gases can be measured such as air, oxygen, argon, carbondioxyde, natural gas, hydrogen, methane, etc. Basically any gas mixture can be measured as long the mixing ratio and its components are known and constant.

          S - 450                  S - 452                                                       


         S - 400                   S - 420  




With the S 500 SUTO-iTEC has combined next generation measurement technology with state-of the art user interface design. The experienced user knows that dew point measurement also requires the measurement of line pressure, since dew point is pressure dependent. With the S 500 the line pressure is measured in combination with the dew point, so the user can be confident that the calculation is accurate and free from human error.

Unique features of the S 500 / S 520 Pro:

1. Similar to modern smart phones, state of the art graphical user interface with touch screen functions for ease of operation.
2. The option to use the S 520 as a portable data collector. The data logger can record as many as 100 million values which are stored on a SD flash card.The card can be removed for fast transfer of the recorded information to your PC,or alternatively the information can be transferred or read via USB or Bluetooth®.

3. For S 520 Pro: Using the portable printer MP 500 on-site print outs can be created showing the measured values, location and date/time. Of course these values can be stored as well for report generation in your office.

4. S 500 and S 520 comes in a robust transport casing including measuring chamber, battery charger, USB cable and a Teflon hose allowing for quick connection to the compressed air system and immediate measurements.

                 S 500                                                         User Friendly Colour Touch Screen Interface        


 Direct print out onsite with MP500 Bluetooth Printer        Data logging and Quick ressponse sensor


3 in 1 sensor for dewpoint, temperature and pressure




S 130 is a new generation laser particle counter optimized for applications in compressed air or compressed gases. With quality in mind and with the knowledge of customers needs this instrument is designed for continuous operation 24 hours, 7 days a week. With a sensitivity of 0.1 to 5.0 μm, PC 130 can fulfill the requirements stipulated in the compressed air standard ISO 8573-4. The displayed measurement values represent the particle counts per m and are updated every minute.

The integrated data logger offers long term monitoring of the sensitive parameter of up to 1,000,000 values. The recorded values can be transferred to the PC through an integrated USB port or through an optional Ethernet / RS-485 interface.


The Universal display and data logger that can measure, display and record all relevant parameters (Flow, Consumption, Dew Point, Pressure, Temperature, Power Consumption, Compressor Status etc.) in a compressed air system.

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  • Are you ready for ISO 50001?
    On 13rd December 2012 the CS Instruments Dealer Training was held in Shenzhen, China. Nearly 20 company executives from all over South China related to the compressed air and gas as well energy managing field attended in order to share their energy saving experiences and worked out their strategy to promote CS Instruments solutions in the coming year.

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