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Systel partners with Leaqs

   Systel Partners with Leaqs in bringing the world’s most Advanced Compressed Air Management to India 

Leaqs is the World's Most Preferred Systems for Systematic and Efficient Management of Compressed Air Systems. Successful Leakage deduction and repair offers the greatest saving potential in a Compressed Air System. With nearly decade of experience in Indian Compressed Air market .Systel’s collaboration with the Leaqs would enable it to Position itself as an advanced comprehensive player in Compressed Air Solutions. Infect more than 40% of the Savings potential can be achieved by getting the Leakages under the Control. Systel, Leaqs offers a Successful Leakage Management Program involving many key elements which often over Looked through in house Projects. The bigger Advantage of Systel Leaqs would be the sustainability of the measures Implemented

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