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Serious About Energy Savings

                    Serious About Energy Savings ?

Systel's Compressed Air Management Solutions can help you in Saving Millions of Rupees in your Energy Cost

A Professional Compressed Air Management Program Can Give You a Minimum of 40 % Cost Savings and Reduce the Burden of Capital & Maintenance Costs

Compressed Air is a Very Expensive Utility. Out of the Total Electricity Spent in Producing Compressed Air hardly 10% gets to the Point of Use. This gives significant opportunity for Cost Reductions.Systel Group has been Pioneer's In India, in offering Comprehensive Solutions for Compressed Air Management for Over a Decade. With over 625 Successfully Implemented Projects, Systel helps Indian Industries in Reducing Close to 19 Million kwH of Energy Annually. With the Aid of Latest Measurement & Monitoring Technologies, Systel Ensures that your Compressed Air can be managed more efficiently. Systel’s Compressed Air Management Solutions offer Compressed Air Users a customised range of services to determine and optimally exploit potential savings in compressed air.

Save Upto 40 % in Your Compressed Air Costs with a Payback of Just Under             4 Months

The Major Energy Saving Hotspots in A Typical Compressed Air Systems are

Leakages          -Payback under 4 Months
Optimization     -Payback. under 1 Year
System Design -Payback under 2 Years
Heat Recovery  -Payback under 3 Years
Motor Control  -Payback between 3 - 4 Years

Leakage Management Has the Highest Savings Potential of Upto 42 % with R.O.I. of less than 4 Months

Systel's Professional Leakage Management Solutions:

Leakage is the most common source of wasted energy in a compressed air system. Leaking Joints, Couplings and Valves are wasting your money every second, minute and hour of the day. A Professional Leakage Management Program will not only result in a Speedier Identification and Repair but will also identify and Eliminate the Root Causes of Leakages thereby creating a sustainable leak free environment.

Our Leakage Manage Solutions Include Measuring Your Compressed Air Flow / Consumption and Identifying Leakages Using the Most Advanced DND Air Leak Detectors

Systel's Project has Helped us in a Total Savings of 2716 Units / Day. Further the Project has highly increased our Knowledge about Compressors & Compressed Air Systems. We are Satisfied with our Decision in Choosing Systel as our Preferred Partner for Compressed Air Management 

Mr. Shantanu Daga / Deepak Spinners Ltd

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