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With experienced trainers and consultants and the correct formats and methods, Systel continuously and verifiably increases your company’s success. More than 10 years of experience in training and con- sulting and 625 successfully completed projects speak for themselves. Our instructors will provide you with their own valuable experience and assist you in developing high-efficiency value-added systems. Benefit from our experience and improve your employees’ know-how in compressed air systems. 

Best Practices Training in Compressed Air Systems. Incorrect dimensioning leads to higher costs, a reduction in quality and other problems. Covering the basic solutions for correct dimensioning using real examples, this course enable you to plan and design safe optimised pneumatic systems. Working with Systel Experts you will learn about the importance of Air Quality, Quantity and Pressure.

Target groups

CEOs/Presidents/Design/Engineering/Maintenance/Cost Accountants


• Analysing Opportunties for compressed air system efficiency enhancements

• Calculation of costs of compressed air production with examples

• Compressed air drying and costs

• Costs of leaks

• Optimum dimensioning and material selection for compressed air networks

• Compressed air quality for different applications

• Function and design of the service unit, slow restart pressurisation

• Speed measurement of a cylinder with different fittings and tubing

• Dimensioning of a pneumatic system from the service unit through to the drive, including tubing and fittings

• Determining the air requirement for a plant, with examples of procedures and calculations

• Different pressures for advance and return strokes


The participant:
• will learn key factors for system improvements

•will learn features for system modules ranging from compressed air generation to drives

• will be able to reduce planned and unplanned production halts due to compressed air

• will be able to apply key aspects of proactive maintenance

• will be able to detect and avoid energy waste in pneumatic systems


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