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  • "We are very much satisfied with your products and services. During inspection of our air supply system by your company, your team has suggested more number points for reducing the air leakage. We have implemented all suggestion and reduced air leakage considerably and there by reduced the consumption of air. It give us a considerable saving in power consumption. We thank you for your valuable support."
    Senior General Manager (Works)
    Rajapalayam Mills Ltd.

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WiseAir™ Smart Piping Solutions

Because Compressed Air Design & Size Impacts Control and Cost 

Who's Designing Your Compressed Air Piping System?

The installation of the piping system is often a forgotten element in compressed air system design, but piping problems can have a big effect on how well your system performs. Much attention is placed on the actual first cost of the compressed air equipment and the efficiency characteristics of the main system equipment such as compressors and dryers, but decisions on the pipe sizing and routing are often left to others, and they might not have your best interests in mind.

What’s at stake ?

A rule of thumb in the compressed air system energy field is that, for every 2 psi increase in compressed air pressure, the compressor energy cost increases by 1%, at a pressure of around 100 psig. Undersized or poorly laid-out piping forces compressor discharge pressures to rise inorder to compensate for excessive pressure differential. In a normal plant, there will be a number of critical pressure required end uses that need a consistent pressure of, for example, no lower than 90 psi or production will be affected. If there is a 20 psi pressure differential in the system piping, then the compressor discharge pressure needs to rise at least 20 psi to ensure the minimum pressure is maintained at the critical end use point. This pressure increase results in an additional 10% in energy costs at the compressor.


With Decades of Experience in Designing and Managing Compressed Air Systems for Peak Energy Efficiency, Systel's WiseAir Piping Solutions offer you with the Wide Choice of Materials Ranging from Stainless Steel to Aluminium that are Completely Customised for your Facility's Requirement. Installations are Carried out by Experts with the most modern tools in the Shortest Time to meet your dead lines. 

Following Systel's Expert Guidance in Designing and Installing your Compressed Air Piping System can

Save You Energy & Money 

Avoid Plant Shutdowns

Eliminate Pressure Starvation

Improve the Reliability of your Compressed Air System

Avoid Pressure Differentials in your Piping Network

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Features of WiseAir

  • Easy and rapid to install.
  • Light Weight.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Nontoxic - "Green Product".
  • Fire-resistance.
  • UV-resistance.
  • High Vicat Softening Temperature.
  • Good Thermal Insulation.
  • Good Chemical Resistance.
  • Better Impact Strength.
  • Heat Fusion Jointing - No Solvents Used.
  • Better Noise Insulation.
  • Bacteriologically Neutral.
  • Very Less Coefficient of Friction.
  • Resilience.
  • Good Abrasion Resistance.
  • High Volume Resistivity
  • Longest Life exceeding More than 50 Years

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